Our History

The plan for the Aspen Greene Condominium Community was initiated in 1994, by Great Space, Inc. in the form of a plan for the development of an adult community, with an age restriction for the primary owner of 55 years, consisting of 95 residential units, featuring a club house, and golf greens. After the passage of eight years with only twenty-three units being sold the developer realized that while the need for such a community was there, the size estimates were overly ambitious in light of then current market and economic conditions.

In 2002, Great Space, Inc. truncated their plans, to allow for the erection of only eight additional units, two clusters of four bowtie units each, bringing the total number of units to thirty one. In this truncation process, the ancillary features were eliminated from the plan resulting in the final site consisting of only thirty-one residential units, reflecting three different models, with roadway access, and a parking lot and gatehouse.

By the end of 2003 the last four Unit bowtie was sold, thus resulting in the exodus of Great Space, Inc. as its sponsor and the advent of the Aspen Greene Condominium Association, Inc. as the administrative and managing entity of the community. This association has managed the community relying solely on community members voluntarily elected to a governing Board of Trustees.

Today we see in Aspen Greene a harmonious variety of members and tenants enjoying the cozy, quiet, unpretentious residential environment that has survived from its inception throughout the years, and the rather sever adjustment of 2002. As is often the case, planning errors resulted in significant benefits never considered during the original planning effort. The loss of the Clubhouse, Golf Greens and other miscellaneous features provided the resulting thirty-one units the means to be effectively and economically managed, not burdened by the expenses related to features that, while they may have been enjoyed by a few, most would never miss.

If you are the type of person who seeks a quiet, calm and pleasant lifestyle, devoid of concerns over structural maintenance issues, lawn maintenance, and snow removal you owe it to yourself to visit Aspen Greene.